Traveling has never been easier, thanks to the internet and mobile devices that allow us to keep in touch with friends, family, and work from far off places. However, there is one thing about mobile devices that make them less than ideal travel partners: they tend to a limited battery life, and often need more “juice” throughout the day.

Rather than worrying about the possibility of running out of battery at the worst time, it may be better to take a more proactive approach. To help you travel with less stress and arrive with plenty of battery power, we recommend these ten ways to make a battery last during travel:

1. Invest in a one-shot charger. If you’ve seen but not used one of these yet, you may wonder how effective they are. Though your mobile devices will always charge optimally from an outlet, this spare charger gives you one full charge wherever you need it.

2. Know how to care for a battery. How hot does the device get? How clean is the charger port? How often do you expose it to cold or damp conditions? These issues reduce the life of the battery.

3. Turn off WiFi and 4G, dim your screen, turn off all nonessential apps, and think of every possible way to economize your use of battery power.

4. Don’t use push notifications while traveling. You are traveling, so don’t bother keeping up with Facebook, email, and Twitter the way you might back home. Any push notification takes power, and that means less battery power for when you just might need it most

5. How long before your screen times out? Is the Bluetooth off? Is the GPS off? Think of the ways your settings will sap energy and then change them to reduce consumption.

6. Leave it on. This seems counterintuitive, by when you shut down and then power back up it can actually consume more battery power than if it were just left to cycle down.

7. Buy an upgraded phone or battery unit. Upgrade to a new iPhone or Android device, since most have better battery systems than models even a year older.

8. Monitor – Look for apps that show you how you are using the battery on the mobile device and make the changes needed to stop draining the battery quickly.

9. Drain the battery – This trick may not work for newer generation batteries, but some batteries benefit from a full discharge. Do this before you leave, and be sure you charge it fully before you depart.

10. Charge only when needed – Overcharging wears batteries, so let it go to 10% and then charge.

These tips should help you get a device ready for travel and to travel without over using battery supplies. Follow the same tips during a journey as well, and enjoy stress free mobile usage. Also, protect your phone with cases from Urbane Mobile using our durable phone cover, available for IPhone and Android and many more mobile device brands.