When it comes to Samsung phone cases, you might think that your only options are those that you’ll find in a store. But, Urbane Mobile has something different, something that will allow you to plaster your own personal style, taste and personality onto your phone. That’s because UrbaneMobile allows you to make completely custom Samsung phone cases, complete with images, text and colors of your choosing. With that kind of customization at your fingertips, why would you ever settle for an off-the-shelf case? You shouldn’t, especially when you see how easy it is to make your own custom Samsung phone case.

Making a Custom Samsung Phone Case is Easy With Urbane Mobile

When you navigate over to our case designer, first pick Samsung from the left nav, then pick the kind of Samsung phone that you have. Two of the favorites for a custom Samsung case are the Galaxy S4,  and the Galaxy S5. We will very soon have the Galaxy S6 in the case designer as well.

Two Custom Case Types:
The first is a snap case, which is the most common phone case type. These cases offer a decent amount of protection, and are also extremely easy to snap on and off of your phone. The second option is a tough case, which offers increased durability and protection over the snap case, but still comes with all of the same customization options. Just pick whichever case is right for you, and then the real fun begins.

Once you get into the customization tool, you’ll see that you have the option of adding up to five photographs to your custom Samsung phone case. Each of these photos can be positioned however you’d like, and they can be rotated and resized to suit your preferences. But, that’s not all you can do!

If you really want your Samsung phone cases to say something about you, then you’re going to want to add text. To do this, just click the “T” icon up at the top. You’ll then be able to type in your text, change the color and choose an appropriate font. Also, just as with the photographs, the text you add to your custom Samsung phone case can be rotated and resized to your liking!

Finally, if you want to add some color, you can. Just click the paint bucket tool at the top, and choose the background color for your Samsung phone case. It’s really that easy.

My Custom Samsung Phone Case Looks Good, Now What?
Once you’ve gotten everything just the way you want it, just hit the “Preview” button in the bottom-right corner of the customization tool. From here, if you’re still happy with it, just hit “Add to Cart” and you’ll be taken to the checkout. If you want to go back and adjust, you can do that as well.

Get Your Custom Samsung Phone Case Today!

Don’t be one of those people that have vanilla phone cases that they picked up at the local electronics store. Instead, be the person that has a completely custom Samsung phone case for your Galaxy S5 or Galaxy S6. Your custom case will say something about you. Order yours today!

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