Travel can be a lot of fun, especially if you are lucky enough to find a place that has a wide array of settings. A historic area, a few natural places, some busy and popular tourist spots, colorful neighborhoods…these are the best things to see when visiting a new place. So, for the very first in our place feature series, we’re looking at one American city that seems to have it all: Charleston, SC.

Charleston is a historic city, is a seaport sheltered by a unique range of islands, and surrounded on two sides by rivers. Because it survived the devastation that left so much of the south in ruins following the Civil War, it is also a dream in terms of architecture and historic neighborhoods.

Charleston has harbors, old-fashioned neighborhoods, historic buildings, gardens, natural places, and a modern city full of busy people. This adds up to an almost endless list of opportunities for the avid traveler, and if you are on the road and able to spend time in Charleston, SC, you have a lot of things to do.

Put on Your Walking Shoes…and Grab the Camera
As a city friendly to pedestrians, you can explore the historic downtown area entirely on foot. You can also use the DASH trolley lines for destinations a bit outside of your neighborhood.

And what should you see? There are many excellent walking tours of the historic parts of the city, and at least one of them should be on your to do list while in town. You also want to pay a visit to the famous Battery and the nearby White Point Gardens. Naturally, Fort Sumter is also a must, as it is the place where it is believed the Civil War “officially” began. The city also has a wonderful shopping district known as “The Market”, and there is a French Quarter nearby with art galleries and great cafes.

The famous Citadel military college is open to campus visits, and a few hours at the Maritime Museum is a treat for most. If you want to see the longest cable-stay bridge on the continent, you’ll find it here at the Arthur Ravenel Bridge. Many visitors spend entire days at Waterfront Park or Liberty Square as well, as these are great places for shopping, dining, and sightseeing.

Charleston is a great place to take a stroll, take lots of photos, and enjoy the historic and natural beauty of the city. Charleston, SC should be on your must see list.