5 Creative Keepsakes Ideas | Capturing Your Journeys

Vacation memories are precious. You want to preserve those once-in-a-life-time memories for as long as possible. While traditional photo albums and scrapbooks are always a nice keepsake, it’s nice to add a little creative flare to your vacation memories. Here are five creative vacation keepsakes that will make you smile every time you look at them.

1. Vacation Memory Jars

Vacation memory jars are easy to make and perfect for beach vacations. A collection of sand, shells and other little finds will fit perfectly inside the jar. Add a photo to the center to give your memory jar a background. Use the wide mouth quart or half gallon jars while creating your masterpieces. You will have an easier time placing items in the jar.

2. Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes come in various shapes and sizes. Fill the box with small souvenirs, photos, rocks, shells, and various other mementos from your trip, then hang on a wall like a picture frame. Shadow boxes are a fun, creative keepsake to add to your wall.

3. Photo Pillows

Pick out your favorite photos from your vacation and have them printed onto throw pillows. These small keepsake pillows will be a great addition to your living room décor. Display your favorite vacation memories for visitors, or keep them in your bedroom as an everyday reminder.

4. Memory Box

Most craft stores sell small wooden boxes in a variety of sizes. Buy one and decorate its outside in a style based on your vacation. Glue postcards, maps, and newspaper clippings to the cover or the entire box. Once preserved with a clear coat, the box becomes a perfect place to store photos and other vacation treasures.

5. Custom Phone Case

Choose the one picture from your vacation that evokes the best memory: the moment you want to save forever. Keep that moment with you always by designing your own custom phone case from Urbane Mobile. The process is simple: choose your device, pick your case, and upload your image. You will be able to remember your vacation every time you use your phone. A custom phone case protects your device while you travel, acting as the perfect creative keepsake to aid you on your next adventure.