When on vacation, you already have bags upon bags of luggage to carry around with you. Adding a big bulking camera may just be too much for you. You still can get the best vacation photos right from your smart phone (which you have already outfitted with one of Urbane Mobile’s special custom phone case).

1. Be patient.

Once you decide that you must have a picture of your surroundings or the people around you, don’t allow your excitement get the best of you, be relaxed and patient. If you are in a hurry, you could cause your smartphone to shake, which creates a blurry photo. Unless you are trying to photograph a fast moving subject, take your time. Focus on all parts of the photo through the viewfinder. When you are confident in your photo, push the button and capture your masterpiece.

2. Glares cause problems.

The fastest way to ruin the perfect photograph is by not noticing the glares. Glares will not allow your smart phone camera to have proper exposure. If you see a glare, you will have to take the photograph from a different angle.
3. Use surfaces for reflection.

To have creative photos try to use reflections from smooth surfaces or bodies of water. A statue or sunset reflecting in a body of water can be an impressive photo to share.

4. Get a different perspective.

To have a more creative flare to your photos, get a different perspective. When you are out viewing the tourists’ sights, take a photo from a different angle. Tilt the camera in one direction or another. Get down lower to take a photo; you will be surprised with the end results.

5. Take pictures of your traveling buddies | Make memories last

The vacation is about you and your fellow travelers. Remember to take some selfies; you want to look back on a photo with fond memories. Selfies with landmarks or the sunset in the background are always fun and memorable. When traveling with a group, get a photo of your friends with a selfie shot. Ask someone to take a group photo for you; wait staff are usually more than happy to take a photo – especially when a tip is involved.
The best photos focus on memories. Having your smart phone in an Urbane Mobile case will help keep these memories safe. And when it’s all over, look back on these photos and smile.