Best Apps for Business Trips

Best Apps for Business Trips

Check out the best apps for business trips

Smartphone Apps Every Business Traveler should have!

If you’re a tech savvy business traveler, you probably have a ton of apps you already use, but there may be a few new ways to help you out on the road well-traveled. Check out these top new apps the next time you get ready to board a plane.

Top New Business Apps for Busy Execs

Tripit: While a lot of busy execs have their secretary plan their itineraries for them, Tripit works in conjunction with your travel agent to directly organize every aspect of your itinerary. Great features include links to hotels, airline points that update automatically, and knowing ahead of time if your flight has been delayed or canceled.

To check it out, confirm that your travel agent uses it, and then have him/her send you a link. The itinerary will instantly appear in your calendar, totally eliminating the need for a separate paper schedule! Other great features include linking restaurant details and synching calendars with other colleagues in and out of the office.

FlipKey: While everyone is raving about AirBNB, we’re big fans of FlipKey because it’s owned by Trip Advisor so you can bypass the glowing descriptions and go straight to the real reviews. This is especially helpful to business travelers when top hotels are sold out. Because you’re able to access condos, townhouses and private homes directly through owners, you can negotiate better deals, check out reviews and map out locations.

Expensify: If you find yourself travelling with a pocketful of receipts or an empty envelope where your receipts should be, this is the app for you. You can seamlessly scan receipts, log expenses, track miles, etc. Additionally, you can instantly send information to colleagues without the need for a conference call or clunky email chain. Need reports? Print them instantly or send a document download to your secretary or back office. That means you no longer have to worry about those VAT reimbursements either – you sent it to your secretary weeks ago!

WeatherPro: Plan your trip ahead of time and see the weather where you are going. This is a great little app for busy execs that may have multiple legs of trips. Too bad it won’t remind you why you’re jet-lagged and going to all these meetings in the first place!

iTranslate: Need help with a language barrier? That’s not a problem with iTranslate. Not only can you speak into your phone or tablet to utilize it, it also translates text into easy-to-say Romanizations.

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